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Case Study: Hospital Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour for Sunrise Health Medical Center

Client Overview

Sunrise Health Medical Center is a leading healthcare provider located in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. With a commitment to innovative patient care, the hospital is well-known for its comprehensive services, including state-of-the-art surgical units, an advanced oncology department, and a welcoming maternity wing.


Sunrise Health Medical Center wanted to enhance the patient experience by demystifying the often intimidating environment of a large hospital. They aimed to reduce patient anxiety while also showcasing their advanced facilities to potential patients and medical professionals considering career opportunities.


The primary goal was to develop an engaging, informative virtual tour that would:

  • Provide future patients and their families with a stress-reducing preview of the hospital environment.
  • Highlight the hospital’s cutting-edge technology and patient-friendly amenities.
  • Assist in recruitment efforts by attracting top-tier medical professionals.

Solution Provided by Virtual Tours LLC

1. Virtual Tour Creation

Virtual Tours LLC meticulously planned and executed a virtual tour that included all key areas of Sunrise Health Medical Center. Using 360-degree video technology, we captured high-definition visuals of the emergency room, operating theaters, patient rooms, the oncology center, and the maternity ward.

2. Integration of Interactive Elements

To enhance the virtual experience, we included several interactive features:

  • Clickable hotspots throughout the tour provided detailed information on specific medical technologies and services available in each department.
  • Embedded video interviews with staff members shared personal stories and insights, offering a human touch to the digital experience.
  • Interactive floor maps allowed users to understand the layout of the extensive hospital grounds easily.

3. Customization for Accessibility

We ensured the virtual tour was accessible to users of all ages and abilities, incorporating:

  • Audio descriptions for visually impaired visitors.
  • Multi-language support to accommodate Miami’s diverse population.
  • User-friendly navigation compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.


Enhanced Patient Comfort and Engagement

  • Patient surveys conducted after the tour launch indicated a 30% decrease in pre-visit anxiety.
  • The virtual tour’s average engagement time was 15 minutes, with high praise for its educational content.

Increased Recruitment Interest

  • The hospital saw a 35% increase in applications from healthcare professionals in the six months following the virtual tour’s introduction.

Widespread Positive Feedback

  • Online feedback highlighted the virtual tour as a deciding factor for many patients and staff choosing Sunrise Health Medical Center over other institutions.

Client Testimonial “Virtual Tours LLC has provided us with an exceptional tool that not only eases the minds of our patients but also proudly displays the advanced capabilities of our facility. The interactive and comprehensive nature of the virtual tour has been instrumental in enhancing our patient care and recruitment processes.”
— Dr. Emily Tran, Chief Medical Officer, Sunrise Health Medical Center


The virtual tour project for Sunrise Health Medical Center was a triumph, showcasing how virtual reality can effectively be used to enhance transparency and trust in healthcare settings. Virtual Tours LLC was thrilled to help Sunrise Health achieve their goals, further demonstrating our commitment to leveraging technology for compassionate care.

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