cleaning glass for vr photography

Preparation for Virtual Tour Photography


A man cleaning glass in a medical facility preparing for a virtual tour shoot by making sure things look good.

– Walk through: A great way to get an objective view of your shooting area is to walk through your business as if you were conducting an on-site tour with a future resident, patient or family.

– What aspects of your facility do you highlight when conducting an actual on-site tour? Pay attention to these areas so you can highlight them on your virtual tour as well.

– What are some eye sores that you are not so proud of? Maybe an area that often gets neglected, but you have grown accustomed to. Be sure to spruce those areas up. However, if there are areas that need major improvements that you just can’t get to, let our photographers know. We may be able to photoshop it out for you to conceal it. Just let us know.

There are all sorts of small details which can make a big difference in your tour. Remember, the camera’s eye picks up everything. It may even be a good idea to schedule your periodic thorough cleaning for the day before your photoshoot.

HERE ARE THINGS TO DO (we understand that your facility never stops, so do the best you can).
-Put away any papers on surfaces except business marketing materials
-Empty garbage cans that are visible or remove them totally
-Tidy up any visible areas behind the front desk
-Declutter nurses stations
-Remove all seasonal or holiday decorations on the day of photoshoot
-Replace any burnt out light bulbs
-Clean any reflective surfaces
-Stage a resident room or rooms that you’d like shown
-Schedule time when the rehab gym, dining room, and other highlights can be empty and set up


If any staff are in an area we need to film, then we simply ask that they vacate the room we are presently shooting. In the off chance that a staff member makes it into a shot, we will then blur out their face from the image.

If you have done everything on your part, the photoshoot will take approximately between 2 and 3 hours. Capturing the images is a quick process; we are budgeting extra time due to the logistics of an active healthcare center. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let us know.

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how to prepare for a virtual tour shoot