how do virtual tours work?

How It Works Virtual Tour LLC

The entire process is just a few steps from start to finish.


First, we will agree on a date and time for a specially trained virtual tour photographer to come and capture images of your facility or community. We’ll be capturing virtual tour 360s (panoramas), HDR regular “still” photos, and if you’d like, aerial videos.


Then, make sure your site is staged and cleaned. Send us, ahead of time, the areas you want to show in the tour, such as the exterior, lobby, reception, nurses’ station, private room, semi-private room, activities room, rehab gym, dining room, courtyard, and so on. This becomes your “shot list” and guides us in creating your customized virtual tour.


The next step involves the on-site photography, which will last roughly 3 hours. One of your staff members should accompany the photographer to make the best use of everyone’s time. Once we have captured everything, we’ll put together a virtual tour draft that can be edited according to your requirements. When you feel it’s perfect, you can then use it on your website, in your email signature, in social media, as a QR code, or wherever you feel the need.


Now that you know the process, what are you waiting for? Contact Virtual Tours LLC at 888-TOURS-80 or [email protected] now and let us produce a virtual tour of your facility or community!